Tuesday 27 October 2020



  • What did I enjoy this week? Seeing my mates.

  • What was one success I have had and why? Making it in to shot put cause i tried my best and put a good effort in.

  • What is something that I found challenging and why? The pat test cause i had a slow start.

  • What is one thing I have learned? Mathematics language in statistics.

  • What is something I am looking forward to next week? Athletics zones.

  • How have I shown the value of Aroha this week? By helping wherever i was needed.

Monday 19 October 2020

CYBERSMART - What is media ?




My Weekly Reflection

 What did I enjoy this week? I enjoyed PE cause i got to go outside and get some fresh air and stay active.

What was one success I have had and why? I finished most of my work more then usual.

What is something that I found challenging and why? My holiday recount was a bit tricky at the start but i eventually got it done

What is one thing I have learned? Media, median and mode

What is something I am looking forward to next week? tech

How have I shown the value of Pono this week? yes by helping people around the school

Friday 16 October 2020

Back To Auckland

 On the first weekend of the holidays my rugby team had our northland wide championship game. My sister and my nephew came up to watch. On Saturday morning I got dropped off at Awanui and we waited for the rugby van to pick us up. Once it arrived we all jumped in and we were off. The game was in Kerikeri so it was a bit of a drive but we eventually made it to our destination. When we hopped out we headed straight to the changing rooms and chucked on the speaker. We were blasting our tunes loud to get hyped for the game ahead. Once we got all our gear on we headed out to the field to start warming up before the game. Before we knew it, it was kickoff time. The game was close but we came out on top. 

After a great start to my holidays it was time to go back down to my hometown Auckland with my sister. On Monday morning we started packing the car up getting ready to go we left around 11am and made it to Auckland at about 5pm. It felt great to be back in the city of sails.

On my first couple of days we didn't really do much. I just kicked back and spent time with my nephew and sister. We went out for lunch and took my nephew to the park. On the last week of holidays my brother took me to do some work over at his house where we grabbed some mulch for my sisters garden and had to spread it around we also cleaned

out all of the front yard. I did some weights and kickboxing training with my brother to over the span of a week. I cant wait till i get to go back. 

Thursday 24 September 2020

Blog Post Analysis

 In Te Kahu class we have made a chart of all our blog post data then put our work on to a google drawing and made an analysis this is our last task for term three.

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Suzanne Aubert


In RE this week we had to create a DLO on Suzanne Aubert with 10 facts about her i enjoyed this because it was a quick task and i got to learn more about her.

Monday 14 September 2020

Social Justice Week Slide


This is my social justice week slide where we did a frayer model on some examples and the definition of social justice and picked 2 quotes and summarised on them. 

Thursday 10 September 2020

My spoken word


This week in Te Kahu class we are learning about spoken word and poems i chose " Dear Future Generations: Sorry " by Prince Ea he talks about problems in today's generation. It made me wonder what can we do to help. Do you have any ideas ?

Wednesday 19 August 2020

The Table

I am rectangular shaped. I am a solid blue colour. I am old sturdy and grumpy I'm fed up with life in this class , one day I dream of jumping out of the window and running away to freedom. When the class arrives I brace myself for the day. As the day comes to an end I am relieved and tired I love the calm and quiet as I relax and kickback. 

Monday 20 July 2020


Something i enjoy about cybersmart is doing fun activities such as film making and working with my peers because i like getting outside the classroom and trying new things.

Something new i want to learn is how to do online art.

Thursday 11 June 2020


This week we had to recap on a story called the lighthouse. We watched a youtube video about it then filled in the sheet.
Here's my recap on it. 

Tuesday 26 May 2020


Yesterday we had a egg drop challenge in our class, we had to design a parachute to help the egg survive the drop our egg survived the fall, have you ever done anything like this with your class ?

Wednesday 5 February 2020

About me

Kiaora my name is Isaac
I am currently a year 8 at Pompallier Catholic school and im in Te Kahu class
My favourite hobbies are popping manus, playing ps4, going on my phone and hunting
My favourite colour is blue
4 words to describe me are funny,social,friendly and sporty
My strengths are manus
Something i want to work on this term is my maths